Shooting Sports Northwest

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Our AR500 ballistic steel shooting stalls provide our members the best protection. Rated to take point-blank shots from a 7.62mm rifle, each shooting stall is also individually lit to provide shooter a bright line of sight down range.

Lanes 1-5:
We primarily keep designed for any type of high power caliber rifle or shotgun. Handgun shooters may also shoot in this bay, however, the noise from long guns is significantly louder and may be unpleasant for some shooters.

Lanes 6-10: These lanes are used specifically for pistol shooters of all variants. They are designed with the same ballistic grade dividers, but are intentionally designed to be about 6" wider, so shooters can have more room when wearing holster gear and drawing from a holster.

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Our motorized target carriers rapidly move your target down range on a steel track to provide an improved shooting experience. Unlike most facilities who use rope or cable to move targets, our steel tracks provide a level line of sight without the common "target sag" you see with other products. Controlled by a shooter-operated toggle switch in each lane, you can run you target out to the 25-yard mark in a matter of seconds.

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Shooting Sports Northwest air handling system was designed, and built to current US military training facility and OSHA specifications. Our radial air diffusers ensure you do not the constant stream of cool air on your back and neck that is so common at many indoor ranges. Having a top tier air handling system reduces the shooter's exposure to airborne-lead and dust particles. Shooting Sports Northwest's system exchanges the air inside the range every 90 seconds, outperforming any other indoor facility in the area.